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Route Details

Homer - Mar 25

Somerset - Apr 29

Scioto Trail - May 27

Wooly Pig - Jun 24

Zaleski - Aug 26

DogGann - Sept 16

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do the rides start?

Plan to get to the starting point in good time, get your gear together, and catch up with fellow riders. Be all set up for a relaxed start. We will gather at 9.00am for pre-ride instructions and expectations. Wheels rolling at 9:30am

Where do I park?

Parking for the DogGann event is located near the "Bridge of Dreams." The parking area can be reached by navigating to 25799 Main Street, Brinkhaven, OH 43006.  There is a main parking area and a smaller lot available if overflow parking is needed.

We will continue to update meet up and parking instructions for future rides, check back.

What kind of bike should I ride?

Gravel or cyclocross bikes are ideal and offer added frame clearance for tires with widths of 35-50mm. They also offer lower gear ranges than road bikes which allow for climbing steeper grades, which is very common on Ohio gravel routes. Mountain bikes may also be a great option as they offer additional control over handling multiple road surfaces and sometimes tricky descents.

Can I ride a traditional road bike?

Most road bikes are missing two key components, tire clearance and low gear ranges. This doesn’t make rising a road bike impossible on our routes, but can significantly impact your enjoyment and potentially your safety on these rides.

What should I bring  to have a successful ride?

Gravel riding is the adventurous cousin of road riding and often much closer to mountain biking. You should plan to be self sufficient with maintenance needs including flat tires and minor adjustments on the bike. An inflation kit and a multi-tool are a must.

Snacks and hydration.

Gravel routes often cover rural and remote areas with little opportunity for water and nutrition stops. Plan to bring enough for your entire ride and maybe a bit extra for a friend (just in case).

Is there SAG support.

Dy definition, Gravel Rides are typically self supported. Each individual rider is responsible for packing the food, water, gear, and clothing needed for the safe navigation and completion of the ride in their own time. However if you’ve ever done one of our roll: or OGG events in the past you know we are all a friendly bunch of riders who pride ourselves on helping, encouraging and assisting each other. We look forward to sharing in a rewarding and enjoyable day on the bike together!

Gravel Bikes